AW sought my help with her novel.  This is her feedback on my work:

“I thought I’d let you know how good I found your report and the comments you made on the manuscript. I found both very insightful. I would certainly ask you to look at another novel I wrote….what you were saying made perfect sense. ”

HM’s script was referred to me via the Annette Green Literary Consultancy.   Her   feedback was as follows:

“Wow! Maria’s report is amazing – so clear and insightful, far longer and more detailed than I was expecting. Thank you very much for connecting me with her.”

Three months later there was some wonderful news from this client:

“I started reworking the manuscript and used the revised first chapter to apply for Curtis Brown’s novel writing course. I’m delighted to say that I was offered one of the coveted 15 spots.”

KT, who is based in the USA, attended an Arvon course which I co-tutored (with Christopher Wakling) in 2012:

“Thank you again for everything you taught me at Lumb Bank – it continues to resonate, and I continually go back to my notes from the workshops as I am working on my new book….I am still amazed how much was covered.”



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