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Henri Rousseau, The Muse Inspiring the Poet 1909

Henri Rousseau, The Muse Inspiring the Poet, 1909.   It’s not quite that romantic in real life, but I do give practical help instead of grand gestures, plus you don’t have to write with a quill.

My experience in supporting and developing other writers

For ten years I ran and delivered Creative Writing courses at Strode College, Street, Somerset.

In 2011 I was the Arvon-Jerwood Foundation’s Fiction Mentor, supporting three novelists over the course of a year.

From 2015 to 2017 (the post only lasts for two years) I was Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the University of the West of England.  My work was to develop students’ academic writing skills.

Working with the Annette Green Literary Consultancy, I compile detailed reports on scripts, supporting novelists in improving their writing.  You can see some of the feedback I have received from clients on the Testimonials page.

I am a certified Writing Coach, validated by NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education) and the Arvon Foundation.

Lastly, I am an Associate of Writing Project, which runs workshops on writing skills for corporations and public service organisations.  Writing Project is unique in that all its Associates are fully-trained professional authors.   If you find yourself drowning in business-speak or maddened by rambling, disorganised documents, Writing Project can help.

What I can do for you

Please feel free to contact me directly without obligation or any form of pressure.  Your details will not be passed to anyone else.

Ways of working can be flexible to suit you.  The longest and most thorough-going arrangement is mentoring (eight to ten months).   I am also available to support writers for a shorter time or with a specific piece of material.  Depending on where you are based and your preferences, our contact could be in person, by telephone or by Skype.  We can talk through your requirements – again, without obligation.  If you are unsure what you want, the following offers and fees may give you some idea.  These prices are what you would pay (you do not need to add VAT).

Partial script with synopsis

You get written feedback on what is working and what isn’t in terms of writing, characterisation, pacing and plot.  Your work is kept for a month after the report is sent. During that time you are able to contact me for clarification if necessary.
Up to 15,000 words with synopsis                   £250
Up to 20,000 words with synopsis                   £300

Detailed assessment

This option is for a much longer script, either partial or complete.  You receive a detailed overview of how the piece is working with some specific references and general advice on how it might be improved.  Your work is kept for a month after the report is sent and you are able to contact me for clarification if necessary.
Up to 60,000 words                                     £350
Each additional 1,000 words                         £10

Editorial Assessment

Choose this option to submit a substantial part of a script or a complete script and you will receive a thorough assessment of its strengths and weaknesses, including detailed comments and suggestions on specific aspects of character, pacing, writing and plot, as well as a structural edit where appropriate.
Up to 60,000 words                                     £500
Each additional 1,000 words                      £12

Mentoring (eight meetings over eight to ten months, with email support).   This is for the person who wants to commit to making a substantial improvement.  Normally we would meet (in person or by Skype) once a month; the focus of our meetings is agreed between us to meet your needs.  The fee is a very competitive one.  You would be required to pay in advance before mentoring took place.

Full fee  £2,000